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“The I Principles”

We’ve built our coaching model on the “I Principles,” 3 elements critical to the success of any leader, whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, or both! Follow these “I” principles and see changes in yourself, your work and your team. 



Helping you clarify your purpose and rekindle your passion.



Equipping you to get the answers to guide your work.



Building your capacity to lead and achieve impact through your business and your team.



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Complimentary 30-minute strategy session

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We’ll work through Betsy’s I Principles assessment to find opportunities for growth.



Growth plan

We’ll then develop a plan to achieve your goals.  That work can include 1-1 coaching sessions and/or group coaching sessions with your team.  


Paulea Mooney-McCoy, My Core Spark


I was a fledgling entrepreneur trying to launch my own coaching business. I was looking for someone to guide me in the process and I found Neptune Coaching. Betsy knew how to help me find a path that was just right for me. She patiently listens to your goals, she cheers for every step you take and offers her wisdom, knowledge and expertise at just the right times. Her positivity is one of  her greatest strengths and is a powerful motivator. Betsy looks at each person holistically – she sees you-she gets you.  I learned so much from our time together and feel encouraged, equipped and ready to take my next steps.




Meaghan Jenkins, Ph.D., Medical Director, CH1 Consulting


Always driven by kindness and compassion for great people doing good work, Neptune Coaching provides a supportive and encouraging environment for professional growth. They truly take the time to learn about you, your company, and the factors that drive both. The “ah-ha” moments that I had during my sessions informed my workplace decisions, strengthened my work relationships, and ultimately maximized my team’s efficiency.

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