Supporting and honoring women entrepreneurs year-round

March is Women’s History Month and there are many ways that your business can honor women this month and throughout the year.  

  1. Share stories of inspirational women on your social channels and ask your followers to do the same.  These could be stories of women that you and your clients and followers know, or other historical and present-day women.  
  2. Host a panel event for women entrepreneurs: If you are a woman entrepreneur yourself, this would be a great opportunity to partner with other women in your network to share your experiences with others, particularly with the next generation of aspiring women entrepreneurs.  
  3. Build women-owned businesses into your supply chain:  As we discussed in last month’s post, you can make an impact by how you spend your money and can promote and support women entrepreneurs all year long.  You can begin by looking at the products you regularly purchase and determine which products you can purchase from women-owned businesses.  

Do you have other ways that you’re supporting women entrepreneurs this month and throughout the year?

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