It’s vacation season!

If you’re a business owner or leading a team, it’s even more critical that you take time off. Not only will it help you recharge, but it is part of establishing a healthy team culture where you demonstrate trust in your team and create space for your staff to take on new responsibilities. And if people feel valued and have the opportunity for professional growth, they are more likely to stay with their company, give their best and engage deeply in the success of their team.

Vacations also highlight gaps in your management structure and practices.
1. You might learn that there’s only one person who knows how to do a particular task–now is the time to start training another staff on that function!
2. You might realize that only one staff has been managing a key relationship and there is no clear documentation of previous conversations–now is the time to think through better customer relationship management systems and project management tools.
3. When approving vacation time you might realize that some staff have taken very little time off–now is the time to talk through what the barrier is to taking time off and what support they need so that you can continue to establish a healthy team culture.

How do you prepare for vacation?

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