Consider these tips to help you add temporary staff this summer

Summer can be a great time to bring on temporary help as students have flexible schedules and may be interested in learning a new skill through working with you. Before you put up the Help Wanted sign, consider the following:

Decide IF you need help and WHAT help you need   Think about the gaps on your team and whether temporary help might be able to fill those gaps. However, you should also consider whether you have the capacity to onboard and supervise temporary help. If you decide to proceed, think carefully about what type of work temporary staff can do so that it’s a benefit to you and to them.

Understand the law. Be sure you understand all of the regulations pertaining to temporary workers, particularly young workers, to ensure that you are following all laws and regulations.      

Be clear about the job offer and expectations.  Given the temporary nature of the work, in the job posting, make sure you’re clear about the type of work the individual will be doing, how they will be evaluated and how they will be compensated.

Prepare your existing staff to onboard new hires. Be sure to speak with your staff prior to beginning the hiring process to hear any concerns they might have and prepare them to bring on these workers. Be clear about the expectations of the temporary staff as well as the expected benefits of working with them.

Take time to onboard your staff properly. It’s tempting to think that temporary workers need less onboarding than permanent FTE’s. And while their responsibilities might be more limited and require less training, they still need adequate onboarding to fully understand the company and all of the responsibilities of their job.

Do you have other considerations for temporary hires?

Contact me below to share your questions or thoughts.  

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