After over a year of COVID restrictions, unspeakable losses, adjustments, and questions, things are starting to reopen.  Some of us are ready to get out and see friends, engage with our customers and get back into things.  But most of us have some level of anxiety and lots of questions.  We’re wondering about how to spend our time and how to resume old rhythms.  We also want to know how to avoid some of the bad habits we had before the pandemic, or those that we developed over this past year.

Here are a few tips as we enter into yet another uncertain season.

  1. TAKE STOCK: Spend time reflecting on this past year.  Although it might be painful, reflect on what was lost.  Take time to grieve and acknowledge that grief.  And take time to reflect on what you learned, and perhaps even what you gained, through time at home, new habits, new rhythms.  What are the things you want to stop doing?  What would you like to continue?  How are you different?  And what do you want to carry with you into this new season?
  2. TAKE TIME: Acknowledge that all of this is going to take time.  We slowly got accustomed to the lockdown, and we’re going to slowly get readjusted to this new reality.  Be sure to build time into your day to reflect, rest, recharge.  And remember that everything might take longer; in-person meetings require time!
  3. TAKE ADVANTAGE: This is a time to try new things, to experiment with ways of engaging your customers, new services, new pricing, new ways of doing things in your company.  Are there ideas that you’ve been dreaming about over this past year that you’d like to try?  Your customers also likely have ideas after a year of living differently.  Asking for their feedback via a survey shows care and can also provide you with valuable insights.  With a thoughtful strategy to test out new ideas, this could be the perfect time to do something new!

Do you have other strategies that you’re using to get through this new season? 

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