Now that you’ve done spring cleaning, freshen up your marketing

Congrats! You’ve taken time to clean up and declutter your business. In doing so, you probably noticed that there are elements of your marketing that need freshening up.  

Change up your messaging.  Have you used the same messaging for the past several years? Customer preferences have changed, and your messaging should as well. Take the time to review your current messaging and make changes based on the current context of your business and the world around you.   

Take new photos.  If you’re a product-based business, try taking photos of your products with fresh, spring colors and add the photos to your website and other marketing materials. If you’re a service-based business, consider taking new photos of yourself and potentially your clients.   

Try a new advertising medium.  If you’ve only done one type of advertising in the past, try another. Test out a newsletter, or a different social media platform. (Be sure to track the effectiveness of this new medium through customer surveys and tracking how customers find out about you).    

Do you have other ways that you’re freshening up your business this month?

Contact me below to share your questions or thoughts.  

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