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Although most of us have been working remotely in some capacity for several years now, it’s easy to forget to be intentional about creating a strong culture in this remote environment.

Here are a few reminders thanks to Robert Half, whether you’re leading a team as an entrepreneur or part of a larger company/organization.
1. Focus on communication and do so often! I always tell my team that few people get upset about overcommunication, but the lack of communication is always a problem.
2. Show empathy: Schedule times to check in with your staff to get a pulse on how each person is doing, especially since everyone functions differently in a remote setting.
3. Offer flexibility: If at all possible, allow staff flexibility to vary their work hours, while ensuring that they are present for key meetings and that they complete their work by the deadlines established.
4. Strengthen your internal project management systems to ensure everyone can access key information about each project and the relevant documents.
5. Ask your team which tech tools work best for them and which can be improved.  We know tools can often fail, and we want to ensure that our team uses what works best for them.
6. Pay extra attention to onboarding: It’s challenging to begin a new job in a remote context. Focus on creating a comprehensive onboarding document and schedule meetings for them for the first few weeks during which they can connect 1-1 or in small groups with key staff they’ll be working with.
7. Create clear expectations and delegate so that you can build trust. It is easy to micromanage in a remote environment. Instead, delegate to your team by establishing clear outcomes for the task assigned and give them the flexibility, as much as possible, to reach those outcomes in the way that works best for them.

What challenges are you facing as you lead your remote team?

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